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  1. Desktop Metal, Senior 3D Software Engineer. Burlington, MA, USA, May 2017- Present
    • Optimized the performance of several 3D algorithms which are part of the 3D printing pipeline. (C++)
    • Restructured and optimized the performance of the 3D viewer component of the cloud 3D printing software. (Javascript)
    • Developed a 3D tool for quality assurance to analyze and measure the dimensions of the printed parts (by using a 3D scanner to produce a point cloud, and then analyze the point cloud using the tool).
    • I started my full-time work with Desktop Metal on May, 2019.
  2. Brown University, Teaching Assistant for the C++ course. Providence, RI, USA, 2015-2017
    • I was the teaching assistant for the “Scientific Programming with C++” course for three semesters.
  3. Adobe (Photoshop 3D team), 3D scanning intern. San Jose, CA, USA, May-June 2014
    • Modified and prepared existing code to integrate it with Adobe Photoshop data structures, the code does automatic rigging and animation of 3D characters; basically, finding the skeleton and the rigging weights of 3D scanned body models and exporting them in Collada format.
  4. Ministry of Education, Freelance software developer. Jordan, two weeks, January 2015
    • Developed a Microsoft Word 2013 Add-in "Arabic Braille" using C# and Visual Studio Tools for Office that translates Arabic text to Braille, based on an old C++ code that performs the same task.
  5. Petra University, Freelance software developer. Jordan, Summer 2014
    • Built a statistical model "Arabic Clueweb" for Arabic language using the Arabic pages of Clueweb 2009 dataset.
    • Wrote Java/C# algorithms to extract 29 million Html pages (1 TB) from the Clueweb dataset, extract text from them, create bigram words index, perform Arabic morphological analysis on each word, and to calculate the required probabilities (root-root, root-pattern, pattern-pattern..etc)
  6. T-FORCE, Freelance software developer. Jordan, Summer 2013
    • Developed a module "Script Editor" as a part of a cloud-based web application for visually writing a script to be executed by mobile phones while the operator performs signals strength testing (while driving the car in the area to be tested), using Knockout.js, Html5 for the UI, and ASP.NET MVC, EF for the backend.
  7. MEDIU, Full-time software developer and systems analyst. Malaysia, two years 2010-2012
    • Developed several parts of a university campus management system web application, like the questions bank and the finance modules, and parts of the registration and academic modules.
    • In each module, I used Asp.Net MVC 3, C#, NHibernate, SQL Server/MongoDB for the backend while mainly using Html5, JQuery, and ExtendedJS for the UI, Tortoise SVN for Source Control.
    • Worked on the integration with Moodle, used PHP- MySQL to modify Moodle.
    • Worked on the integration with DynamicX for the finance module (web service).
    • Used InfoPath to create questions forms, for the lecturers to insert their exam questions to Moodle.
  8. eSense Software, Full-time Software Developer. Jordan, 2 years and 7 months 2008-2010
    • Developed parts of a C# desktop application using Windows Forms and DevExpress components, the application is used to schedule and manage the events and travel of government officials, (flights, hotels, conferences...etc.)
    • Developed parts of Asp.Net MVC web application which is used for hotels booking.
    • Developed parts of a WCF service to synchronize the data from an offline database to another online server database.
    • Developed web controls to be used by several other projects within the company.
    • Created an Outlook add-in, and Excel Add-In using C# and VSTO.
    • Worked on the migration of an old database to SQL Server, using SSIS.
    • Enhanced the performance of several parts of the application using Ants Profiler.