I like to do research in the fields of 3D geometry processing, 3D vision, and human-computer interaction. I like to investigate how new tools -especially 3d vision tools- can help more people design and fabricate their own things.

During my Ph.D., I have published four conference papers and one paper at the IEEE computer graphics and applications journal. My Ph.D. dissertation was focused on developing tools to help novices in carving 3D models using a projector-camera system. Using the system novices could carve fine model details at sub-millimeter accuracy.

The other part of my research is focused on developing new 3D scanning technologies to scan mechanical or industrial components and outputting a CAD model ready to be used in design. The main idea of this research is to detect the sharp edges and the contours of the object directly, compared to the traditional 3D scanning way that produces a point cloud and requires a lot of tedious and manual work from the user.

Computer Assisted Carving
(Ph.D dissertation)

3D Scanning CAD Objects
(more recent work)